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Riley with Hope chest photograph  Woodware Designs Frontispiece

Established: August 1995

Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

Woodware Designs

by Tom Riley

Plans for low-stress computer furniture you can build.

Great News!!!

Our new space exploration project, The Big Moon Dig, is under way!

The Rules

*** How to use this site.

Did you not receive the plans you requested?

Main Index

*** What is on this site:

  1. Major Computer Desk Plans

    *** Detailed designs for lasting woodworking projects. View first; pay only for what you use.

  2. Simple Easy-to-Build Free Projects

    *** Simple desks, gifts, and other fun woodworking projects for beginners.

  3. Science Fiction E-Book -- Now on Sale!!!

    *** An e-book collection of hard science fiction short stories with a positive vision of the future.

  4. Crafts for Sale

    *** Hand carved wood crafts and gifts for sale, custom orders welcomed, and plans for hand-made paper equipment.

  5. Help for Physical Challenges

    *** All our plans are free to help with physical challenges like Repetitive Stain Injury.

  6. Picture Gallery

    *** Pictures of projects made with our plans.

  7. Rockler.com banner

    British Police Box Computer Desk designed after the TARDIS, front view Art Nouveau compouter desk sketch, Front side and top, View 1
  8. Fun Ideas We are Currently Working On

    *** Fun ideas under development.

  9. Alternative Energy and Conservation Projects

    *** Energy related projects you can build.

  10. Amateur Astronomy Projects

    *** Home-built telescopes and such.

  11. Other Special Features

  12. Air-Typing in a chair
  13. Customer Needs

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