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SeaWifs sign Hunting Ridge Community sign

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Home Observatory Sign -- Freebie

I have been cutting hand carved signs for nearly thirty years. I enjoy the work very much and often make them for projects at work and community groups. I would be happy to cut a sign for your home observatory very like the ones you often see in "Sky and Tel". The two photos above will give you an idea of my work.

You would be responsible for providing the graphic, the cost of the materials, and the cost of shipping. A simple outdoor sign shipped from Baltimore to your site within the United States this would cost $75 to $100.

My normal technique is called pollychromed incise carving. This involves the following steps:

  1. Graphic -- You provide the graphic electronically (.GIF or CAD drawing) and we discuss size, mounting, location, etc. by email.
  2. Materials

    -- You provide money for materials which I purchase locally.
  3. Sign blank -- For outdoors, I join good quality fir 2x4's with biscuits and weather proof glue. Then cut to shape and fit any hardware.
  4. Transfer graphic -- I enlarge the graphic and transfer it to the sign blank in pencil.
  5. Review -- I have the sign reviewed for spelling, letter spacing, layout, etc.
  6. Carving -- I hand carve the graphic and letters into the wood using chisels and gouges.
  7. Review -- I sand away the lines and review the actual carving.
  8. Painting -- I paint the background with exterior latex primer and then house paint. An enormous variety of colors are available. The lettering and carving are painted with artists acrylics. These paints are very fade resistant and stand up well to the weather because they are protected within the craving.
  9. Review -- Final review and photographs.
  10. Shipping -- I will rap the sign in several layers of corrugated cardboard and ship it by UPS.

I can easily do two or three of these a year without braking a sweat.

At some additional cost the sign can be cut in redwood or mahogany. It can also be double sided and may be commemorative. Signs will have to be limited in size so that they can be easily shipped. Interior signs are usually only .75 inches thick.

If you wish you can make a contribution to our projects for building computer furniture for people with physical challenges in lew of payment for the sign work. This is completely voluntary.

If you are interested please are interested, please email me and we will make it happen.

Thanks again for visiting our Web site.

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