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Simple Corner Desk top view
copyright 2006

Simple Corner Computer Desk, 0.5" MDF

This desk is easy and inexpensive to build. It was especially designed for use with a wheel chair or power scooter. The design includes two small book shelves below the desk top and a larger shelf unit on top.

This desk is light weight and easy to move as it come apart into five pieces. It can be built in one weekend and finished in an evening or two. It is easy to modify for new equipment. It can be painted in bright, attractive colors.

It is build from 0.5 inch Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). All the materials can be bought at most home improvement stores and cost about $120.00. The tools and construction skills needed are those commonly used for household projects.

A second Simple Corner Desk in 0.75" MDF is also available. This version is a bit bigger and heaver, it has no upper bookcase, and has two keyboard trays.

The main weakness of this design is that the MDF is not very strong material and this desk will probably only last about 5 years in normal service. This is also about how long our computer equipment takes to become obsolete.

Simple Corner Computer Desk side view
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  1. Ordering the sketches

    This design includes nine detailed sketches that are critical to your successfully building this desk. The plans are free and can be obtained with this Freebie ordering form.

  2. Desk Construction

    You can make this desk by:

  3. Downloading this text.
  4. Ordering the sketches.
  5. Studying this information and locating materials.
  6. Determining if this desk suits your equipment.
  7. Purchasing materials.
  8. Cutting MDF and wooden pieces.
  9. Building the two desk tops.
  10. Building the three part support structure.
  11. Fitting the base to the desk tops.
  12. Building the top shelf.
  13. Finishing all pieces.
  14. Assembling the entire desk.
  15. Installing the computer.

Discussion of Sketches

After you order the sketches, these notes will help you understand them.

  1. Simple Corner Computer Desk

    The desk is shown looking at the longer wing face on. The desk top sits on a support structure featuring two small shelving units. A larger shelving unit sits on top of the desk. The keyboard and monitor sit at the corner of the desk top.

  2. Simple Corner Desk, Floor Plan and Top View, Sketch #2,

    This sketch shows the top view of all the components. The space required along the wall is about 69 by 57 inches. The two wing areas are only 20 inches deep. The corners of the wings are cut off at 45 degrees to aid in letting a wheel chair pass.

  3. Simple Corner Desk, Top Assembly, Bottom View, Sketch #3

    The sketch shows the two top assemblies up side down. Each is a piece of 0.5" MDF with strips of MDF 1.5" wide glued all around the edges. The edge where the two pieces join has matching wood strips that bolt together. The MDF blocks and cable holes shown will be located when the base is complete and sitting upside down on the desk tops.

  4. Simple Corner Desk, Long Bottom Assembly, Sketch #4

    This sketch shows the Long Bottom Assembly that is one of three assemblies that support the desk top. It is made entirely from 0.5" MDF. The large sections has 1.5" strips glued to them for strength. If you know where the electrical outlet will be on the wall, you can cut a large hole for the AC plugs.

  5. Simple Corner Desk, Bottom & Diagonal, Sketch #5

    This sketch shows the two large pieces of MDF and the diagonal piece used to make the base. The Short Bottom Assembly is the mirror image of the long one shown in the previous sketch.

  6. Simple Corner Desk, Wooden Pieces, Sketch #6

    This sketch shows the very small number of wooden pieces used in this desk. The Bolt Block Assembly ties the two desk top pieces together. It is made from six pieces of 0.75"x1.5" stock that are glued and screwed together.

    The Diagonal Bold Blocks tie the diagonal section of the bottom to the two other bottom assemblies. They are cut from pieces of 2"x4".

    The Screw Blocks are pieces of 0.75"x0.75" stock cut from scrap. They are used to tie the top to the base assemblies and can only be screwed to places where the MDF is double thickness.

  7. Simple Corner, 1/2" MDF Layout 1, Sketch #7

    This sketch shows you how to cut the first sheet of 0.5" MDF to make the two desk tops and parts of the base. Note the First Cut which can be done at the wood store.

  8. Simple Corner, 1/2" MDF Layout 2, Sketch #8

    This sketch shows how to cut the second piece of 0.5" MDF to make parts of the base. Note the First Cut again. A few of the 1.5" strips need to be long and should be cut from this piece.

  9. Simple Corner, Shelf, Sketch #9

    This sketch shows the layout of the pieces for the upper book shelf on a 48"x48" piece of 0.75" MDF. It also shows the assembly of the shelf.

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