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Flooring 1

Hardwood Flooring Computer Desk

Hardwood flooring, new or recycled, is sometimes the least expensive and easiest to obtain hardwood available to the home crafts person. This desk uses hardwood flooring over plywood backing for the top and leg panels of a large computer desk. It features a keyboard tray, a pencil drawer, and a cable way.

The design is clean, square, and solid. The under-plywood is painted black to contrast with the lighter hardwood. You can build a matching monitor bridge, power switch, and printer stand in the same style.

The two leg panels and drawer front are good display areas for hand carving (see below). The first suggestion is a large flower done in the style of Georgia O'Kief. The design is hand cut into the wood with incise carving and then colored with artist's acrylics (polychrome). The second suggestion is a paper-doll cut out idealization of aquatic flowers. You really do make this pattern by folding and cutting paper. The last suggestion is an image from technology, a Gray scale encoder wheel. Everything of beauty does not come from nature. We will help you plan your design. Clients have suggested reef fish, mountain scenery, and civil war equipment.

A good worker can built this desk in a basic home workshop. A hand skill-saw will work as well as a table or radial arm saw for the longer cuts.

If this is the desk for you, email us this little form and we will detail the design just to suit your needs.

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