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Door Desk 1

Door & File Computer Desks

  1. Introduction

    You can make one of the classic modern American desks by simply placing a door on the top of two two-drawer filing cabinets. It is large, simplicity itself to make, and easy to move. It has been a favorite with American students for 40 years.

    Unfortunately it has a number of short coming that make it unsatisfactory for a low-stress computer desk. The surface is much too high for a keyboard. The desk is too big for most dorm rooms. The filing cabinets are expensive, take up leg room, and who needs two anyway.

  2. Your Choice for Free

    Here are four free versions of this desk just for you. They are all low-stress, inexpensive, can be fitted the available floor space, and can be build with a few simple tools. These plans include twelve sketches, two photographs, and four sets of construction hints -- all for free (links below). This is all the information you need to build any of these desks and it is all a freebie just for visiting our site.

    If the drawings are not clear enough, simply send in this little freebie form.

  3. Picutres of Completed Desks

    Student Desk 1

    One with a mohogony panel for the door and one filing cabinet.

    Door and Filing Cabinet Desk 2

    One customized with simple legs and a large bookcase.

  4. Consideration

    If you like our fun Freebies, remember we can only keep this Web site open if we sell our Low-Stress Computer Furniture Plans or you follow our ad links and make purchases from our sponsors. Thank you.

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    1. Door Desk 1 Icon
    2. Door & Two Files

      The first desk is the classic door & two filing cabinet version but with a keyboard drawer added to bring the keyboard and mouse down to low-stress levels. It is a large desk but very light weight and easily moved.

      Door Desk 2 Icon
    3. Short Door & One File

      The second deck has one filing cabinet and the door cut off to make the other legs. This version is as short as it can be and still have room for a decent keyboard drawer. It takes up much less floor space.

      Door Desk 3 Icon
    4. Door & Tapered Legs

      The Third version has one filing cabinet and two simple wooden legs. You can fit it to your exact floor space and fit the drawer to your keyboard and mouse.

      Door Desk 4 Icon
    5. Door Look-Down

      When you first encounter RSI or other physical discomfort from computer use, you could use an low-stress desk to help you address your problems and I mean low cost and right now. Here is the desk you need.

      Door Desk 5 Icon
    6. Door Corner Desk

      Sometimes the right place to put a computer desk is right in the corner.

  5. Just a Taste

    These freebie packages is similar to our stand desk packages but our standard packages are better in several ways. They have many more drawings with much better detail and the construction notes are more detailed. This is just a taste of our products.

  6. Safety Tip

    Be sure to following the safety instructions that came with your power tools. Just before using them stop and think. Am I standing or reaching in a awkward way? Is the scrap and tools in the way? Is the work under good control?

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