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Audio Studio Desk 1

Audio Studio Plans

Today, a high school student using a family computer, summer work money, and family gifts can put together an audio studio with capabilities far beyond anything the Beetles ever owned. This is an amazing turn of events.

Each generation must develop their own pop culture so that they can distinguish themselves from earlier generations. Their music is one very important area for this differentiation.

Young music enthusiasts are not likely to be into woodworking, but other members of their family may well be. Here is an opportunity for one family member who could not possibly understand the music of the latest wave, to, none the less, support the young person in their interest.

Woodware is currently working on speciality furniture plans that will allow one member of a family to support a young person to become serious about sound production. It is a way to provide support without being critical, while allowing the freedom necessary for the next generation.

One Audio Studio Desk has been built and a number of versions are planned.

Audio Desk 3

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