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Legal Liability Limitations

  1. Legal Concerns

    Thank you for using a Woodware Designs computer desk plan package. We appreciate your business and will work to make you completely satisfied with our plans for this computer desk. To do this we need to make the following legal concerns clear.

    Woodware Design's liability is limited to the price paid for the product.

    Woodware Design computer desk plans are intended to help reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from prolonged use of a computer. The desk is only one part of a complete program to minimize RSI risk. Your risk management program must also include good typing techniques, a good chair, and frequent breaks. As we can influence only one part of this program, we cannot, and do not, promise that you will never have any health problems related to using a computer.

    We strongly urge you to know and follow all the safety requirements of your woodworking equipment particularly the use of eye protection. We would like to suggest some additional safety suggestions.

  2. Licenses

    Your purchase of one Woodware Design's plans packages entitles you to make one copy of the desk for yourself or for a specific customer. You may also make one additional copy for your personal use, as a gift, or as a demonstration piece for sales.

    Your purchase does not cover multiple manufacture for sale. We will be happy to sell you a licence for commercial manufacture of any of our designs at very reasonable rates. We can also adjust the designs for commercial manufacture rather than construction by a home craftsperson.

    Your purchase of our fiction works covers a single paper copy. It doesn't not cover multiple copies on paper or electronically sent.

  3. Copyright

    Woodware Designs claims copyright protection for all the drawings, text, writing in our plans, stories, and on our Web sites.

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  4. Who We Are

    Woodware Designs is a small, independent entrepreneurial effort on the Internet. It is a father and son operation with a purpose:

    Woodware Designs will provide quality construction packages to assist home crafts people in constructing beautiful and functional low-stress computer furniture.

  5. Customer Support

    We value our customers and provide prompt answers to any questions you have on about our plans and any problems you encounter during construction. We check our E-mail daily and usually reply within 24 hours.

    Please drop us a note on your progress. We want to know what you like best about our plans and your desk. Please report any difficulties so that we can correct your problem and prevent it from recurring for others.

    We regret that we cannot return long distance telephone calls.

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Thanks again, and have fun.

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