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Light Sawhorse

Five Woodworker's Sawhorses -- Freebie

One of the first tools a beginning woodworker needs is a pair of sawhorses. This design provides five different versions of homemade sawhorses that range from light use to heavy duty.

Miduium Sawhorse

These sawhorses come in three duty weights:

  1. The light folding sawhorses should only be used for light work and they fold away for easy storage.
  2. The medium duty horses can be used for somewhat heavier work and do fold, but take up more storage space.
  3. The heavy duty sawhorses are the only ones that can be used with planking to stand on safely. They can also handle a full sheet of plywood. These are the ones you need to build a house addition. Their feet are farther apart than the lighter models so they are hard to push over, but they do not fold.

The drawings show typical dimensions. Instructions are given below to adjust the size of the sawhorses to your body and your needs.

heavy Sawhorse

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  1. Credit Due
  2. Drawings
  3. Materials
  4. Construction
  5. Conclusion

  1. Credit Due

    The plans for the light folding sawhorse was provided by Harry King, hking1942@charter.net92 .

  2. Drawings

    This design includes three detailed sketches that are critical to your successfully building this tool. Your may request these sketches by filling out our Freebie Form.

    After you order the free sketches, these notes will help you understand them more completely.

    1. Light Folding Sawhorse

      The light folding sawhorse consists of two squares made from 1"x4" lumber attached at one side with a piano hinge. Note that it opens like a book which is odd for a sawhorse. One is enough for small work, but two are needed for long work.

    2. Medium Folding Sawhorses

      Two version of the medium folding sawhorse are shown. One uses sheet metal brackets especially designed for the purpose (which may be hard to find). The other uses a bold for a hinge. They both fold up, but are not so flat as the light sawhorse.

    3. Heavy Fixed Sawhorses

      Two versions of the heavy fixed sawhorse is shown. The top version uses a heavy duty metal bracket that is held on with bolts. The second is made from 1"x4" lumber. The legs of both are much wider spread than the lighter horses for better stability. These horses do not fold up.

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  3. Materials

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