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Hall Bench with mirror in metric 01

Hall Bench with Mirror

This is the construction notes for our hall bench with a mirror. Plans are availble both in the metric (System International, SI) and English measurement systems. The cost of the materials is around $345.00 in hardwood.

This bench features a mirror, a box for boots and things, and a place to hang coats. The mirror frame can later be removed from the box if needed.

Please e-mail me if you need design modifications.

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  1. Bench Construction

    You can make this bench by:

    1. Downloading this text.
    2. Ordering the sketches.
    3. Studying this information and locating the materials.
    4. Purchasing most the materials locally.
    5. Cutting the boards.
    6. Building the box.
    7. Building the mirror frame.
    8. Test assembling the bench.
    9. Finishing the bench.
    10. Reassembling the bench
  2. Download the Detailed Drawings

    This design includes 4 detailed sketches. You can get them with this Freebie order form. Look for " Hall Bench " in the list. You can also ask for our free Metric converter which is a Excel spreadsheet.

  3. Discussion of Sketches

    After you order the sketches, these notes will help you understand them more completely.

    1. Hall Bench

      The front and side views show the main features of the bench. It has a box at the bottom and a mirror in the back. The box lid opens back. The mirror frame has pegs to hang coats. All measurements are in the metric (SI) system.

    2. Hall Bench, Wide Boards, Sketch #2

      The next sketch shows the wide boards that make up the six plank box. These are probably edge glued narrower hardwood boards but can be hardwood plywood with hardwood strips along the edges. All the boards are 20 mm thick.

    3. Hall Bench, Mirror Frame, Sketch #3

      This view shows all the parts to make the frame for the mirror. All stock is shown 20 mm thick. The mauor parts are dadoed out to make half-lap joints.

    4. Hall Bench, Bottom, Sketch #4

      This sketch shows the plywood bottom and the internal screw blocks.

  4. Materials

    This bench is made from hardwood boards. The parts are assembled with glue, biscuits, and screws.

    1. Wood
      • 3.0 meter^2 (32 bft) -- Hardwood, 20 mm thick -- $190.00
      • 1200mm -- Molding, 20 mm quarter round --------- $ 6.00
      • 1200mmx500mm -- Plywood 15mm thick ------------- $ 8.00
      • 1 -- Turned ornament --------------------------- $ 2.00
      • 6 -- Turned Coat Pegs -------------------------- $ 8.00
      Wood Subtotal: $214.00
    2. Hardware
      • 1 -- 1000mmx500mm Mirror ----------------- $45.00
      • 100 -- #8 flat head screw, 35mm" --------- $ 5.00
      • 12 -- #8 flat head screw, 20mm" ---------- $ 1.00
      • 1 -- Piano hinge, 1170 mm x 20 mm -------- $ 8.00
      • 4 -- Feet -------------------------------- $ 3.00
      • 2 -- Rubber Bumpers ---------------------- $ 2.00
      • 8 oz. -- Woodworker's Glue --------------- $ 4.00

      Hardware Subtotal: $68.00
    3. Finish:
      • 1 qt. -- Shellack --------------------- $ 8.00
      • 1 qt. -- Stain ------------------------ $ 8.00
      • 1 qt. -- Polyurethane, satin finish --- $10.00

      Finish Subtotal: $ 26.00
    4. Omissions and Contingencies (~12%) ( Tax, sand paper, etc.) $37.00.
    5. Estimate Total Cost $345.00
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    This is only an estimate (made in the November 2007). The price may vary in your area.

  5. Tools

    This bench was designed to be build using the woodworking tools found in a small shop.

    1. Electric saw, table or radial arm
    2. Dado blade set
    3. Biscuit jointer
    4. Electric drill
    5. Screwmate drill bit for your screws

    All fasteners must be predrilled into hardwood. Wood screws should be predrilled with a matching Screwmate bit.

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  6. Building Your bench

    This is your bench and you can build it to suit your likes and needs.

    1. Customize Your Bench Design

      • Determine the exact bench length you need. Hall benches often have to fit in a specific space. Watch out for moldings and the space being a little out of square. The lid should also not drag on the wall.
      • Determine the exact bench width you need. Halls are often narrow and can take only a narrow bench.
      • Determine the mirror size you need. Check local suppliers to see what size you can get at a good price.
      • Choose the type of coat beg and ornament you want.
      • Decide if you want a pattern on the box sides. This can be done with stenciling or simple carving. Please e-mail me if your like our flower patterns.
    2. Cutting the pieces for the Box

      The box is a very old 6 plank chest design. The corners have been simplified into a simple dado joint back up with screw blocks.

      The top and other large boards are shown in Sketch #3. If made from boards, they can be either tong and grove or edge glued with biscuits. They can also be made from 20 mm hardwood veneer plywood with hardwood edge strips about 10 mm wide or from hardwood boards.

      The top is made from two pieces with the piano hinge near the back. Note the two notches in the back piece for the mirror frame.

      The front and back pieces have a dado all along one edge to take the side pieces. You can cut the curves at the bottom to suit yourself.

    3. Building the Box

      Predrill all the screw blocks for two screws one way and one the other. Install the blocks that will hold the bottom and the blocks on the front along the dado. Use glue and screws.

      Assemble the body of the box with glue and screws. You can put screws in from the front and back if you later plug the holes.

      Fit the top but do not glue it on yet. You may want to wait until you have the mirror frame complete before cutting the slots at the back. The quarter-round molding will cover screw heads along the back.

    4. Making Mirror Frame Parts

      Cut the mirror frame pieces shown in Sketch #3. All the boards around the mirror will take a dado for the mirror. The sides can be dadoed for their whole length. The top and bottom are best dadoed in the center only but you can dado the whole length if you prefer. The uprights and cross pieces are have large cross grain dados so that they can be half lapped.

      Cut the curves for the top cross piece any way you like. The ends of the uprights may have to be trimmed to match the curves after assembly.

    5. Assemble the Mirror Frame

      The mirror frame is assembled with glue and screws. Check fit the mirror. Install the coat pegs.

    6. Trial Assemble the whole bench

      Assemble the whole bench. This is a good time to cut the notches in the back of the lid. Do not glue the frame to the box. Install the quarter round molding to the back board with glue and brads. Do not glue it to the top.

    7. Dissemble for Finishing

      Take the bench back apart for finishing. Remove the hinge. Put the mirror in a save place for the time being.

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  7. Finishing

    You may finish this bench any way you see fit. I recommend staining the hardwood with oil based stain and then finish the bench with three coats of oil based polyurethane. Other people would prefer Tung Oil of other finish.

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All that is left is to the final assemble of the bench.

  1. Install the Mirror

    The mirror can be held in place with small brads, screws, or glassier's points. Then place a wide strip of paper tape all around the mirror overlapping the back of the frame. Masking take will not do. Brown paper with wood glue applied to it usually works well. The tape not only keeps the mirror in place but it keeps the brads from scratching the wall.

  2. Install the Frame

    Install the frame to the box with screws. Do not glue the frame as you may want to remove in at some later time.

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Thanks again for using a Woodware Designs computer furniture plans. We very much want to know how you are getting along with your project and would be happy to answer any questions by email.

If you send us a picture of your finished bench, we would be happy to put it on our web page. We need pictures of benches with real people standing beside them.

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