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 Glass Top Desk 1

The Glass Top Computer Desks

Many people have requested two types of glass top computer desks. One type is based on the glass-and-steel table and the other has the monitor-under-glass (as shown in many SF movies). We have a preliminary design for the first type, but the second has serious problems with glare.

  1. Monitor on Top

    The drawings above and below show a glass topped computer desk based on a glass-and-steel table. The monitor sits on top on its own monitor bridge (also glass topped). The keyboard is on a low fixed glass shelf and there is a glass shelf below for the computer.

    The frame is made from 1 inch by 1.5 inch hardwood jointed with cross-dowel bolts. The wood may be varnished or painted a dark color. The desk is shown with wall stand offs so that cables are not trapped between the glass and the wall.

    The glass must be purchased from a local glass shop and is the most expensive part of this desk. All edges and corners must be relived to remove sharp edges.

     Glass Top 2 side view

    This design now has three detailed sketches which are available by emailing us with this little form .

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  2. Monitor-Under-Glass

    Stress can take many forms. If you fret for the lose of your old work space. Some great computer thing has now taken over your whole work area. You do need it an hour or so a day but the rest of the time you need it out of your way. Then a monitor-under-glass computer table may be for you.

    This desk table does not really qualify as a low-stress computer desk because the monitor viewing angle is poor and the glass top can throw glare into your eyes. Still, if you are only an occasional computer user and you want your desk back, you may be satisfied with the monitor viewing angle and will gladly take action to control the glare.


    The monitor-under-glass desk would not the the same as the one shown above. The monitor will be in a central well. The keyboard has a moving tray that stores under the table top. The center of the top will have q window to allow you to view the monitor in either the storage or use positions.

    The top of the desk is covered with a glass sheet. Below it is a felt cloth, but you can put pictures between the felt and the glass. The legs and trim are hardwood. The sides of the desk are painted to match or complement color of the felt. The underside of the desk and the monitor box are painted black.

    Glare Test

    Before you decide to build a monitor-under-glass desk, you need to be sure that the glare from the glass desk top will not make it impossible for you to read the monitor. You can make this decision after this simple test.

    Get a large glass window pane and a piece of dark paper or poster board. Set up a piece of furniture so that you can lay the pane (with the paper under it) in the exact place where you will view the monitor for your new desk. If your new desk will be in the same place as your present desk, temporarily move the monitor and lay the pane in its place. If you will have the new desk in a new location, then you will need a stool or perhaps a TV tray.

    Place your typing chair in front of the glass and pretend to type. Look at the reflection in the glass. If you see a uniformly lit ceiling; perfect. If you see windows, light fixtures, or sun beams; not so good.

    You can consider moving the desk to a new location or even moving lighting fixtures. Only you can decide if the glare is acceptable.

    Don't Do It If

    If you spend more than an hour or two a day at the computer or your room fails the glare test, then choose another desk. Many less stressful designs are available at our Web site.

Several people have specifically requested these designs. If one of these is the desk for you, email your need in the text box and we will detail the design just to suit your needs.

Thanks again for visiting our Web site.

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