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 Butcher Block 1

The Butcher Block Computer Table

This solid computer table takes the form of a butcher's cutting block with end grain wood forming the entire top. It is not really a completely solid block of wood but a six inch thick top with a skirt of wood around the front and two sides. Plywood splines strengthen the top internally and steal rods brace it front-to-back.

It is made from very short pieces of 2-by-4 lumber and is designed to be made from recycled lumber. This may be scraps from housing construction, salvage from pallets, or framing timbers from a house being taken down. It does however take a lot of scrap to build this desk.

If you want a solid, massive desk but don't have $5000 for the top-of-the-line model, then maybe this desk is for you. It could also could be made in a look-down configuration or even a monitor-under-glass version.

 Butcher Block 2

State of this Design

Several people have requested desks made from recycled materials but none have build this one as yet. If this is the desk for you, email your need in the text box and we will detail the design just to suit your needs.

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