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Project sign
Hand Carved Sign with a Project Logo

Now, as seen on EBay!

Hand-Carved Plaques and Signs

I have been hand carving signs and plaques for more than 40 years. I now can offer small and medium sized ones sent by mail and larger ones custom made for people in the Baltimore Area.

  1. Dahlia plaque design
  2. General Descriptions

    I have 30 years experience hand carving signs and panels for furniture. Plaques are often used as gifts, for company logos, for team building on projects, and for presentations. My most popular plaques are flowers executed in hardwood.

    Hand-carved signs are also often used for shops and hobbies, particularly those about handcrafts or the code for signs requires an authentic look. These areas include quilt making, civil war reenactments, Renaissance fair booths, observatories, and nature preserves.

    Dahlia flower plaque

    These plaques and signs feature:

    Carved Signiture
  3. Plaques for the outside

    Plaques for outside locations require special considerations. Even then they will age gracefully of a number of years. External plaques feature:

    Electronic photo as basis of plaque Agave plant plaque design
  4. The Design Process

    I do sell a few finished plaques on E-Bay. Most people however prefer to order a custom plaque.

    The custom design process is simple. You email me an idea of what you want and the size. You either provide a electronic picture of the item you want carved or we search the Web for a good picture. I turn the picture into a carveable sketch and lay out the plaque. I email the design back to your for approval with a price quote. You put some money down to cover materials.

    I carve the plaque and notify you when it is finished. You complete the payment with shipping and handling and I mail you the the plaque.

    The prices for small plaques will range from $40.00 to $120.00 depending on size and wood use. Shipping costs range typically from $14.00 to $30.00 depending on weight and distance from Baltimore. Payment can be made in a number of convient ways.

    If your are interested in a hand-carved plaque, please discuss your idea in the text box of our ordering form or contact me.

  5. Woods Used

    My plaques are typically made from wood left over from larger projects For inside plagues the woods include:

    For exterior plaques the best woods are:

  6. Lettering

    Custom lettering can be done in nearly any font that you can write on your computer. The minimum size for a hand-carved letter is 1.25 inches tall. This limits the amount of text that you can put on a small sign. The cost of custom lettering is $1.50 per character.

    Iris EBay plaque
  7. Small Plaques that are Shipped Parcel Post

    Outside the Baltimore area, but inside North America, I am limited to moderate sized plaques that can be sent by mail or UPS. I am offering a series of these plaques on EBay. The size and weight limits are:

    Fitness Center sign
  8. Medium Sized Plaques that are Shipped by UPS

    Somewhat larger signs can be shipped by UPS at somewhat greater expense. This is often the best approach for small businesses.

    SeaWifs sign

    Large housing area sign
  9. Large Signs

    I can only build larger pieces for delivery in the area of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Please contact us for details.

    Inside the Baltimore area, I can make also hand carved furniture, large signs, and fittings for boats.

    Large housing area sign
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