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Hope chest photograph 1

Ordering a Custom Box

We are happy discuss hand carving hardwood heirloom boxes especially for you. Here are a list of questions you need to answer so we can build you box just the way you want it.

  1. Choices

    Here are some of the choices you need to make before I can start making your box:

    1. Your Graphic -- You have to provide your graphic. It should have clean simple lines without too much detail, but be in the largest number of pixels that you have. Hardwood carving is limited in how much detail than can be provided. I can start with a picture of a flower you provide and simplify it for carving.
    2. Wood Choice -- Most of our boxes are done in American hardwoods such as: (1) Oak (strong, tan to brown), (2) walnut (brown to chocolate), (3) Ash (strong, nearly white to blond), or (4) pine (weak, to be painted).
    3. Size -- The exact size can be adjusted to suit your needs but there are limits for shipping. Boxes that go at the end of beds often need to be long and narrow. Boxes that are used for benches need to be at a convenient height.
    4. Joinery -- The classic joinery is course dovetails. I do a finer box joint.
    5. Casters -- The classic box did not have casters but this makes it hard to move around. Having small casters make the box easy to occasionally move, for example for cleaning. Medium sized casters makes the box easy to move between rooms or even houses.
    6. Inside tray -- The box can have an inside tray a few inches deep and 2/3 the length of the box. This is a good place to store smaller things in easy reach.
    7. Lock -- If you want to store private things in your box you will need a lock. This can have an old style key or a new style that can be reproduced.
    8. Shipping -- These boxes are usually shipment disassembled by Federal Express. I put the parts in three or four sperate packages. Shipping can be a significant cost of this project.
    9. Cost -- The exact cost is subject to the features you chose and can only be calculated on a project by project basis. You should not consider starting the project without a budget of $400.00.
  2. Estimation Form

    What is your name please?

    (may be a Web nickname)


    What is your email address?


    Graphic provider:

    Choice of wood:


    (write in)



    Internal Tray:



    What other features do you need?

    (write in)

  3. Example

    Here are four sketches that make up the initial design for a custom box:

    1. Aurora Box Sheet 1

      Aurora Box Sheet 1

    2. Aurora Box Sheet 2

      Aurora Box Sheet 2

    3. Aurora Box Sheet 3

      Aurora Box Sheet 3

    4. Aurora Box Sheet 4

      Aurora Box Sheet 4

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