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Tom Riley

Crafts for Sale

  1. Custom Boxes

    We would love to discuss carving you a Custom box.

  2. Ready to Ship Today:

    The following items are complete and ready to ship:

    Rose of Sharron oak plaque

    Rose of Sharon oak plaque

    • 10.5" x 20.5" x 1.3"
    • light oak glued up blank
    • Poychromed and signed
    • Suggested price $60.00 plus shipping
    Iris dard oak plaque

    Iris dark oak plaque

    • .5" x 24.5" x 0.75"
    • Medium dark oak edge glued blank
    • Poychromed and signed
    • Suggested price $60.00 plus shipping
    Garden plaque with Green Goliath Broccoli

    Garden plaque with Green Goliath Broccoli

    • 14" x 27" x 1.25"
    • Western Red Ceder blank
    • Outside wood and glue
    • Poychromed and signed
    • Suggested price $60.00 plus shipping
    What would you like to see?

    How to Order

    If you are interested in any of these, please contact us by e-mail or by expressing your interest in the text box of our Order Form.

    Rockler order link to first page
  3. Custom Services on Offer:

    I am most happy to offer the following services at reasonable prices:

    Over the internet:

    1. Custom Furniture Design Plans
    2. Articles and Short Stories

    If you live in Baltimore and surrounding area:

    1. Custom Furniture Construction
    2. Hand Carved Signs, Plaques, and Boxes
    3. Building Handmade Paper Plant equipment
    4. Speaking on Positive Action for a Sustainable Future


    Unfortunately there are some limitations. I can only build larger pieces for delivery in the area of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. However, I can ship smaller pieces, such as signs or molds and deckles, if they fit within the postal service size shipping limitations.

    If I can be of service to you, please contact me, or simply, e-mail me.

    https://woodwaredesigns.com/freebie/SeaWifs sign

    Here are more details on services I can offer you:

    Dahlia plaque design
    1. Hand-Carved Signs and Plaques

      We now a special Web page for our speciality

      Custom Hand-Carved Signs and Plaques

      Standup Desk made in the Bauhaus Style 1
    2. Design of Custom Furniture

      I will design custom low-stress computer furniture and other speciality items to your specific needs. You need only answer a few questions on what you need. I then develop plans and construction notes to suit your needs and budget.

      More than a hundred examples of my designs are available on this site in my Design and Freebie indexes. These should provide you with a good idea of what I can do for you.

      When I develop a new design, such as the Craftsman Style, Small Desk, I am always looking for someone in the Baltimore area to build it for. I am happy customize the unit for you and build it for $100.00 over the cost of the materials. This lets me work out the details of the design and take a picture for my web site.

      Arts and Crafts Sideboard 2
    3. Design and Construction of Custom Furniture

      If you live in the Baltimore area, I can build custom furniture of my design for you.

      Right now I am particularly interested in building my Stand-up Bauhaus Computer Desk. If you are in my area and interested, I can give you a very good price on this work.

      Unfortunately shipping large pieces long distances has not worked out.

    4. Paper Plant

      I can build most of the components for a Handmade Paper Plant. These include:

      1. Mold and Deckles
      2. Coach
      3. Paper Press
      4. Paper Tank

      Most mold and deckles are small enough to be shipped by mail. A small coach could also be shipped disassembled. The rest you would have to pick up by truck in Baltimore.

      Unfortunately, I cannot make a Hollander beater at this time.

    5. Writing Articles and Short Stories

      I write essays on the future of technology and the human race. My speciality is building buy-in for action to address the problems of the 21st century.

      Our 21st century has many great problems, population, energy, climate, etc. We can solve these problems by getting a great number of people in effective action. We now have the technical knowledge to do just this. We can generate the action and direction we need. We can have a positive effect on the future for ourselves, our children, and our nation.

      I currently have articles covering:

      1. Addressing the Great Problems of the 21st Century
      2. Promoting your technical projects in the Progressive Frame

      I also write hard science fiction short stories. These provide an exciting vision of where technology can lead us.

      I am now working on a series of stories about what it would mean for the human race and our computer to develop into a truly symbiotic relationship. This is a particularly important idea as their power approaches our own ability to think. Welcome to the 21st century. We must not think of our computers and robots as slaves who might overthrow us, as in The Terminator, or as mindless slaves, as in Star Wars. The middle ground of symbiosis may turn out to be a difficult balancing act, but it is the only way what we and our machines can achieve our full potential.

      I am seeking publishers that pay, at least, a modest compensation.

    6. Speak on Action for a Sustainable Future

      I am an trained and experienced public speaker and producer of speaking events. Again, my speciality is building buy-in for action to address the problems of the 21st century as I mentioned above. I would be most happy to speak in support of my writings.

      I can speak outside the Baltimore area if I am reimbursed for transportation and expenses.

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