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Cover Art for e-book

"The Dark of the Moon"

"Hard Squared Science Fiction Vol. 01"

Great News!!!

Our new space exploration project, The Big Moon Dig, is under way!


  1. Purchase our E-book for only $2.99 in a number of electronic formats:

    Direct from Amazon.com in the Kindle edition.

    Or, from Smashwords in any of eight common electronic formats.

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  3. E-Book Description

    Series Title: Hard Squared Science Fiction, Vol. 01

    Volume Title: The Dark of the Moon

    America's vision for space exploration is currently very weak. The right move is to take action now and build a new grand vision for space. Historically, hard science fiction has been a critical tool to build just such visions.

    This e-book is a collection of five hard science fiction short stories plus several short essays on the technologies they demonstrate. Our stories are written specifically to build vision.

    The lead story about the importance of our time in the history of human space exploration and therefore in the history of the human species. Then comes a road trip across Mars as two artificial intelligences, a mother and daughter, drive a rover across the plains of the red planet on a rescue mission. Along the way they talk of what it is to be an AI and what love is.

    Then comes a series of three stories that are a first encounter tale set as a detective story in the film noir style. The series defines what the bare minimum one society can send through interstellar space and successfully establish their society around a new star. The concepts of big data, deep time, symbioses, persistence, and understanding are explored.

    Or, you can check out our Press Release as a downloadable .pdf file that you can send to anyone that you like.

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  5. Story Intros

    The first two or three pages of each story plus the complete technical discussions.

    1. Title art I want to know "I Want to Know"

    2. Title art They are Not Coming "They are Not Coming"

    3. Cover art Mr. Silver "Mr. Silver"

    4. Cover art Free Rider "Free Rider"

    5. Cover art Dark of the Moon "The Dark of the Moon"

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  7. Essays Complete

    The complete essays from the e-book.

    1. Why - Introduction
    2. The Symbiosis of Man and Machine
    3. Generating Buy-In for Space Exploration
    4. NASA, Unions, and Vision
    5. In Conclusion

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  9. Supporting Essays

    Here are technical essays on what we are trying to do:

    1. "NASA's Strategic Direction and Design in the 21st Century" -- The notes for a talk on how to use 21st century design concepts to solve NASA's vision problem, in .pdf.
    2. "No More Terminators -- Living Wills for AI" -- Our entry for Creating the Future 2013 contest.
  10. Contact the Principal Author

    If you need a review copy of Vol. 01 or have any have any input, please contact me:

    Tom Riley at woodwaredesigns

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  12. What's Next?

    Not to rest on our laurels, here are some ideas we are working on for Volume 02:

    Work-in-progress for our new stories and games, The Big Moon Dig.
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